31 December 2006

Dissapointment(?) In Havana this New Year's Eve

Rumors in Havana were that the cancer free dictator was going to appear on TV and address the country on the eve of the dictatorship's 48th anniversary.

What they got instead was a short. "the battle is not lost" statement from the ailing dictator who also reminded them that he's still calling the shots or at least the major ones.

Granma nor anyone in the regime has announced the visit from the Spanish doctor, Sabrido. Though everyone appears to know the visit occur ed. Some die-hard commie patria o muerte types claim that Cuba doesn't need to bring in foreign doctors and that news of the 6,000 mile house call is an vicious rumor spread by the Miami-Mafia. Cubans , always jodiendo, say that proof that the Dr. Sabrido's visit happened is that it WASN'T published in Granma because Granma only publishes lies.

Granma also reported that Castro talked to the Chinese Ambassador over the phone. Actually, a translator talked to the Chinese Ambassador, who's Spanish vocabulary is probably limited to "ron" and "jinetera"and wouldn't know if they were playing a tape of Fidel rambling on about Elian or mini-cows.


Orlando said...

He may be cancer free, but he is not "death free." His time will come! 2007?

Anonymous said...

I am not Cuban but I spent many years in South Florida and my heart goes out to all of you. I thought Ouiga board was funny and got a great laugh out of it! It keeps you strong when you can laugh at the adversity. I was around in the 50's when that animal took over and it will be good to hear him make his final whimper wearing that adidas suit (which looks really ridiculous). Cuba is in my prayers as it has been since I have been in the 3rd grade when the bastartd took over. May 2007 help you to find your dream!

Alfredo said...

the dictator is awaiting the Grim reaper, it's just a matter of time. He can not stop time!

Cuba will be FREE again soon!!!!!

Happy New Year mi hermano!

El Gusano said...

thanks for the kind words and prayers and sharing the dream!
Ya viene llegando......