27 December 2006

Val Watch Day 1

The Anti-Castro Blog, Babalu, has a post this morning supposedly from its managing editor, Mr. Valentin Prieto, informing his huge readership that he is temporarily handing over the reigns of his widely popular blog to “talented crew of contributors”.

Prieto was allegedly involved in a freak Noche Buena accident, but there are rumors circling in the blogosphere that he may have been the victim of a PETA “mojo” ambush.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals, are animal right “activists”. Prieto is an anti-Castro “extremist” and a roast pork enthusiast who occasionally uses his blog to promote pig roasting.

Prieto with one of his "victims"

In the post, which says: “Posted by Val Prieto at December 27, 2006 08:04 AM”, Val claims that “hopefully the treatment will begin to take effect today and ill be back on my hand on no time”

Now that the intransigent Prieto has temporarily relinquished power over “the island on the net without a bearded dictator”, blog readers worldwide will be carefully looking for any signs that Babalu will soften its hard-line against the Castro regime under the more pragmatic leadership of "pitbull" and the "conductor".

…. But seriously folks, let’s all stop over at Babalu and wish Val a speedy recovery.

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