11 December 2006

Hungary Recognizes Madruga

Hungarian Ambassador András Simonyi

Yesterday was a milestone day for our struggle. Finally, the world paid attention. Graphic pictures of a brutal attack were beamed to all corners of the Earth by the AP and Reuter’s. On Human Rights Day, a silent march was attacked by government thugs.

I have commented often that when the Cuban totalitarian regime falls and the truth comes out, there is going to be a lot of people gasping and saying..” I had no idea…”

Now they do.

Maybe this is the beginning. Maybe the curtains are going to be opened so the light can come in and the darkness escape. We will see.

One story the MSM missed was a mini uprising that took place in a small town of Madruga. Where maybe a new Cuba dawned on November 2.

On that day, hundreds of residents hit the streets to protest the eviction of a local man, Eddy Hernández Arencibia. Read the original account of the incident here.

Because of their brave actions, the Hungarian ambassador to the United States, András Simonyi, presented the Pedro Luis Boitel Freedom Prize to the whole town of Madruga.

The Hungarians, of course, know full well what is like to live under a repressive communist regime, what is like to revolt, and what is like to be ignored by the rest of the world. Because of this, they, along with the Czechs, have lead the fight for a Free and Democratic Cuba within the European Union with measurable success.

Gabriel Andrescu, a Hungarian writer and activist, has awarded the prize yearly since 2001 to recognize civic valor of the Cuban people in attaining freedom and respect for human rights on the Island.

The award was presented at the offices of the Cuban Democratic Directorate in Miami.

Ambassador Simonyi said that transition in Cuba would not be easy but still attainable, as evidenced by the actions of the citizens in Madruga. The actions of the Madrugan citizens where important , he said, because it underscores that change nust come from the Cuban people themselves.

In the linkbelow, listen Orlando Gutiérrez, from the Cuban Democratic Directorate talking about the award.


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