11 December 2006

Voices, I Hear Voices

The DGI is working overtime spreading rumors.
The mausoleum is being built in the Pico Turquino.

Latin America, Havana, Miami all beset with a rumors.

The astrologers say next year, the santeros all say something different. A psychologist friend says he wil not give up the ghost till 2007 because of childhood conflicts.

It doesn’t matter it was all done on December 3, when Raul took over.

But I hear voices.


Anonymous said...

If you're hearing voices, follow your own advice and lay off the tequila!

El Gusano said...

you sound like my wife!
i can quit anytime i want....but i'm no quitter

El Gusano said...

got these voices are getting louder.

they're getting LOUD.

somebody's cousin pepe heard from cuco that they're going to bus 4,000,000 million people to Havana for the funeral and i get a phone call
How? they got no transportation.
besides that's a security nightmare for the regime becasuethe citizens will outnumber the soilders like 20 to 1 . crazy.