28 December 2006

Chismes *** Update ***

While I hate to talk about unconfirmed rumors for fear of spreading Castrist propaganda, we can have a little fun today being that it’s the holidays.

Let's call it Gossip. CHISME.

First the disclaimer:

You cannot believe a Communist

Communism is a religion.

Its faithful put communism before all else.

In the Communist creed “the ends justify the means”.

Therefore, It is not at all surprising for Raúl Castro to seek out an adherent of Communism to do his dirty work. Any communist professional is a communist first and a professional second. Ideology comes first. So we need to take what the Spanish doctor said with a grain of salt.

That having been said:

The chismes continue to fly out of Havana that Fidel is on ice. “ENGAVETADO”

“But, Dr. Garcia Sabrido said”……you say, A Cuban answers: “but he’s a Communist”, “and a friend of the Castros”

The announcement:

The chisme is that preparations for the funeral are not ready. The necessary arrangements will not be ready until mid-January or late January at the latest. The announcement will most likely be made on a Sunday.

Remember when the transfer of power was announced on July 31?

The media concentrated on the reaction on the streets of Miami celebrating.

That CANNOT happen again. They need to get everything ready so the focus of the international media is on the mourning in Havana, not the rejoicing in Miami.

Miami is already invaded with satellite TV trucks waiting for the announcement.

The regime has to ensure that in sheer numbers there are more mourners than rejoicers.

Originally, the chismes were that the announcement would be made this coming Monday night. Even Raúl talked about a Cuba without Fidel at the Parliament meeting last week.

But something happened. First, they needed to disprove Negroponte. Secondly, they needed to get their ducks in a row.

UPDATE: Abajo Fidel has a published report in Spanish that pretty much says the same as the Chismes above.

Isn’t gossiping fun?!?!?


!Ya No Mas! said...

The Chisme Mill in full throttle..

El Gusano said...

Radio Bemba! jaja

Enrique found the same stuff already published!

estan to choteaos

El Güinero said...

Asere, pa'mi que estan preparando las cosas para el anuncio mas o menos para 28 de enero, cumplea~nos del apostol.


El Gusano said...

Se que se tiene que esperar para despues del 1ro.

Interesante, porque el 28 es Domingo. Sino lo hacen el Domingo , lo pueden hacer el Viernes 26.

Todo lo que queda por hacer e desconectar la maquina.