16 December 2006

Cheerleading For The Undead-Updated

The Cheerleading for the UnDead Dictator began yesterday to counteract John Negroponte's claim that the Cuban tyrant wasn't long for this world.

The media blitz included a sister, an ex-daughter in-law, an adopted "sob" err..."son" and official Cuban government sources.

The Tyrant's sister and Miami resident, Juanita Castro, said that her relatives in Cuba have informed her that Castro's is recuparating. They are stranged and haven't spoken in years.
I saw this at the Miami Herald Sat. morning, but now I can't find it, so either I need to increase the meds. or they pulled it). She also said that noone in the family ever died of cancer. OK. So I am not nuts Orlando at El Confeti has Juanita's comments.

His ex-daughter in law, Idalmis Menéndez , says "From what I've heard from the family members with whom I'm in contact, he's still alive."

His adopted "sob" err...."son", Hugo Chavez said "Fidel doesn't have cancer. I'm very well-informed … he's instructed [Cuban officials] to inform me of all the details of what is happening,"

Not to be undone, Granma reported that Castro was in telephone contact with a governors' meeting yesterday where the call "prompted an ovation from participants" . (talking to the dead is not all that unusual to Cubans who sometimes go to "espiritistas" to dialogue with the other world)

Be that as it may.......

Why is the Cuban government laying down the Law for the International Press?

Why is South Florida being invaded with satellite trucks for broadcasting TV signals?
And why are there like five of these trucks parked outside the Versailles Restaurant in Miami?

Why are Christmas vacations being cancelled at all major news networks?

Why is Catie Couric making arrangements to the CBS evening news show from Miami?

All indications are that Something BIG is coming ....

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MMM sounds like youre right. may this nightnmare end soon.