13 December 2006

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Even my Mother is hearing voices now.

Her friend’s son’s wife’s cousin so and so says that wassisname is on life support and that they can keep him alive as long as they have to ,blah,blah,blah.

When the mausoleum is completed and they’re good and ready, we will know. All communications to the island will be cut, dissidents, independent journalists and anyone who may be a threat, (these are very paranoid people), will be locked up. Operation COCO ROJO. No resistance will be tolerated. A state of siege, island wide.

Then they’ll make arrangements to start bringing people into the island. They want to have 4,000,000 people see Castro’s body.

During the funeral, they will need to have the Armed forces on alert which means they can tops have 200,000 troops and/or agents to control 4,000,000.That’s 1 security for every 20 people.

Now they can’t give bullets to 200,000 for fear that they’ll revolt. And a crowd of 4,000,000 can do whatever the hell they want.

So I don’t see how that’s rumor is even feasible

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