12 December 2006

You Can Go But NOT Have Too Much Fun

So if you feel you're howling at the moon and no one hears you......

Take heart There is alot of people listening and howling just as loud.

Havel calls for boycott on tourism in Cuba (kinda sorta)

Former Czech president Vaclav Havel called on people to boycott tourist trips to
Cuba in a video recording presented at a conference held by Lech Walesa, former
Polish president and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, in Warsaw today.

"I cannot go to Cuba to relax on the beach and keep my eyes shut, while dozens of political prisoners are behind bars there," said Havel, who spent a total of five years in Czech communist prisons as a regime opponent.

In Warsaw, Havel also recalled a story from his dissident years when he was taken to the dentist´s in handcuffs, but other patients in the surgery pretended they did not care.

"We cannot pretend that nothing wrong happens in Cuba. A lot of evil occurs there," Havel added.

The AFP news agency also reported that Havel has had himself voluntarily shot in prison´s clothes among other prisoners one of whom was eating banana as an allusion to the fact that bananas were exported from Cuba to communist countries, including then Czechoslovakia, in the past.

Rest of the article here

Havel and Walesa are Titans of the 20th and 21st Century. True heroes on our side championing our cause not because thay have to , like we do, but because they feel they must.


It seems that the AFP missinterpreted Havels video statement because his office today denied that he had called for a boycott of travel to Cuba:

Prague- Former president Vaclav Havel today denied the information that he had called for boycott of tourism in Cuba, Havel's secretary Jakub Hladik said.

Hladik said that the video recording was 18 months old. "However, Havel does not call for the boycott of trips to Cuba in it. He wants the public to realise the local political situation, which may not be always apparent from the suites of luxurious hotels,"

So you can go to Cuba, but don't have too much fun.

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