28 December 2006

Mullett Music Man

You can’t make stuff like this up

I think what they’re trying to say is that the Cuban culture Minister, Abel Prieto, AKA Mullet Music Man, is going to “create” new genres of music and “find” new artists.

In most of the rest of the world, what people listen to and the popular artists are dictated by the free market where, by and large, people vote with their wallets , but in Castrolandia all choices need to made for the “masses” by the all knowing “elite”

Here’s one of the elites making the decisions on what’s hip and happening. He looks like he has a grip on what’s in style; complete with mullett, Elvis sidebuns and Elton John glasses!

Mullett Man Abel Prieto

From Prensa Latina:

Cuba Boosts Culture for Happiness

Pinar del Rio, Cuba, Dec 28 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto said the quantity and quality of existing cultural offers in the country is a priority of his sector in the face of 2007.

The idea includes the creation of spaces for all kinds of music lovers, with a program
meeting the requirements of each sector, the minister told Prensa Latina.

After referring to the cultural achievements this year, Prieto reiterated his call for the consolidation of existing leisure activities and creation of new ones, also aimed at discovering talented local people.

"I would say that is our top priority for 2007, as it will mean higher quality of life, and help prevent negative attitudes," he noted.

They want to "prevent negative attitudes"

News Flash Mullett Boy:

and Forget About It
you Freaking Freak


Camilo said...

Gusano, te has convertido en un Bloguero de tomo y lomo!
Cada dia me sorprendo mas con el excelente disenno y la cuidada forma que esta cogiendo este rincon.
Te felicito, porque news + design es la clave para llegar a la gente.

Un abrazo.

Orlando said...

Con ese pelucho, el tipo abarca por los menos tres decadas de estilo.