23 December 2006

Tropical Tiny Tim

Fidel's Empty Chair

Just in time for Christmas, it’s the return of Tiny Tim.

The Ghost of AP’s Christmas Future has visited the news wires to show us what the world is going to be like without the loving and benevolent Tiny Tim.

From the AP’s Anita Snow via the Miami Herald (get some tissues)

The empty chair on the stage facing rows of more than 500 National Assembly deputies was a stark reminder of the 80-year-old Castro's illness and the doubts about whether the once larger-than-life leader will one day sit there again.

Left unoccupied out of respect for Castro, who stepped aside five months ago, the empty seat also underscored the widespread belief that no major changes in Cuba's economic system will occur while he is alive. His brother Raúl is believed to favor a modest economic opening.

If only the Capitalist Imperialist Scrooge to the North had not denied access to the riches and gifts form the north, Tiny Tim’s chair would probably not be empty and socialism would be saved.

Instead now, Tiny Tim’s brother, Tiny Tart, is being forced to make some economic concessions to save Socialism and Tiny Tim’s legacy.

Call me Scrooge, but what makes me sad this Christmas is not the empty chair, but the empty coffin.

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