01 December 2006

World-Wide Pressure

Worldwide pressure continues on the Cuban communist regime to release jailed journalist.

Three Cuban Journalists have recently been released.


Organizations and individuals in the US, Australia, Eastern Europe, France and Spain and elsewhere continue to unmask the dying tyrant.

Acts of dissent and defiance are on the rise inside Cuba.

Demonstration staged in support of 23 jailed cuban journalists on the eve of 50th anniversary of the start of the Castro Revolution

Reporters Without Borders demonstrated in support of 23 journalists imprisoned in Cuba at the human rights square in Paris on 1st December 2006, the eve of the 50th anniversary of the start of the cuban Revolution.

Twenty-three cages were placed in Trocadero Square, each holding a masked inmate, clad in prison dress. Each cage bore the journalist’s name, media, sentence and the reasons for their imprisonment.

The demonstration was attended by Cuban exiles, including dissident journalists, and drew journalists from the French and foreign press

Rest of the Press release here

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