12 December 2006

Tequlia Sunrise


Man, I have to lay off the Tequila. I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt I was a lonely little Chihuahua howling at the moon. There were poodles around me but they just cared about going to the groomers and eating gourmet dog food. The rest of the Chihuahuas were in the dog pound. All I wanted was for some one to hear my howl and throw the other Chihuahuas in the dog pound a bone. My howling irritated the people were I was so they hit me with a newspaper. They taunted me and gave me a rabies shot and they ignored the other Chihuahuas at the pound.

Then I woke up. My dog, Brutus, a proud and nasty little Chihuahua was barking at me. He woke me up.

Sometimes you gotta bark and howl like hell to wake people up.

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