25 December 2006

Pinocchio Instead of Santa

While Raul attacks the Pinocchio tactics of his own regime, the Cuban people keep getting buried in more lies for Christmas.

"The Revolution cannot lie…This isn't saying that there have been comrades who have lied, but the imprecision, inexact data, consciously or unconsciously masked, can no longer continue."

Raul made his remarks at the same National Assembly meetings where the regime announced that the Cuban economy had grown at a rate of 12.5% this year. That would make it the fastest growing economy in the western hemisphere.

Assuming, that the Cuban ecomomy DID grow at such a strong rate, where is the wealth going? Certainly not to the citizens who average $10 - $15 a month. Maybe they’re not liars, maybe they’re just magicians that made all that wealth disappear.

While the Pinocchian parliament is touting their statiscal illusion, we get this report from the Miami Herald:

New line of work in Cuba: begging.

Once, panhandlers were a rare sight in Cuba. But within the country's ailing economy, begging tourists is relatively lucrative.

…. Experts say the beggars are yet another sign of the strategies -- part survival, part hustle -- that some Cubans turn to when their income cannot meet their needs.

''The government is basically in denial of poverty,'' said Daniel Erikson of the InterAmerican Dialogue think tank in Washington.

He said Cuban panhandling is quite different from other parts of Latin America.

''The Cubans that are out there asking for money go home to their houses,'' Erikson said.

``They are not people living on the street like the rest of Latin America.''

Still, for other Cubans, begging is an embarrassment….

In another Pinocchian tale of official governmental deceipt, the Cuban Regime has yet to update its anxious citizens on the condition of the “maximum mummy” who is in such dire straights, that he is not expected to make it into next year. While the Cuban Citizenry is celebrating the Revolution’s 48th year, a Spanish Surgeon with special medical equipment was secretly flown into Havana to keep the dictator un-dead for a few more days.

I guess technically that's not lying, just omitting to tell the truth. Either way, it would make Pinocchio’s nose grow.


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Alfredo said...

lies for over 47 years. History will condemn them.