22 December 2006

Shaking In His Pumps?

Does Raul wear boots or pumps?

Well, whatever he’s wearing, he must be shaking in them.

His troops are corrupt racketeers that are up for sale.

The murderers he’s sharing power with are ready to throw him under the bus.

Even his dying brother’s family is making plans to get out of dodge.

……… and he’s got the world’s only super power ready to bitch slap him and all he’s got to defend himself is a bunch of 20 year old military tinker toys being kept together with duct tape.

………..and we’re depressed..hehehehe


El Güinero said...

Oye, la china usa botas, ¡pero de punticas!

Ahora , si nos ponemos a hablar de la ropa interior que usa, ya eso es otro cuento. Dicen las malas lenguas que las órdenes para "thongs" rosaditos se han multiplicado últimamente.

El Gusano said...

~No asco!