10 December 2006

Holy Acto de Repudio , Batman!

Yesterday was World Human Rights Day.

The Ladies in White tried to mark the ocassion by silently demonstrating with Darcy Ferrer, a Cuban dissident physician.

The demostartion was broken up with an act of repudiation by ñangaras.

We read about this in Cuban-American blogs everyday, but today, finally. An article in the MSM about the brutal opresion in Cuba.

Picture from Alex at Ya No Mas! See the rest Here

An excerpt from the Sun-Sentinel:

HAVANA -- Dozens of government supporters broke up a silent march by a small
group of dissidents marking International Human Rights Day on Sunday,roughing up participants and accusing them of being mercenaries of the U.S.government.A
second opposition march by wives of political prisoners took place without incident.

The first demonstration, involving fewer than a dozen people in a public park in Havana's Vedado neighborhood, was interrupted as soon as it began by burly men who surrounded and pushed protesters.The activists led by physician Darcy Ferrer tried to keep walking around the park, but they were eventually forced out of the park and they fled in taxis.
and this:

The Cuban government frequently accuses dissidents of working with U.S. officials to undermine the island's system. That charge - denied by the dissidents and Washington - was used against 75 activists rounded up in the spring of 2003 and sentenced to prison terms ranging from six to 28 years.Sixteen of those prisoners have since been released for health reasons, but more than 300 human rights activists, independent journalists and members of outlawed political parties remain behind bars, according to rights groups.

Hopefully this reporting will be the start of a new trend.

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