14 December 2006

Castro Still UnDead, Film at 11:00

From Channel NBC6 in South Florida:

S. Fla. Prepares As Rumors About Castro's Health Mount

Channel 6 is reporting that Castro's health remains a state secret. But, there are rumors .(did my mom call them too?!?)

The latest rumor, according to Channel 6 is that Castro died on Dec 3.

Actually, the latest rumor is that he's being kept alive by articial means.

It seems that Florida has its own Coco Rojo plan to deal with those pesky dissident exiles.

The US "could" close marinas and airports, limit fuel sales to boaters monitor traffic to the Florida Keys in anticipation of a mass exodus from the socialist paradise geographically located 90 miles south of Key West.

There are no plans to incarcerate those of Cuban descent "for their own protection" in UMAP (Unexpected Migratory Action Plan) camps yet.

...... developing.......


Alfredo said...

Thanks for your call last night! You are a true FREEDOM FIGHTER! That's the big question, is the dictator dead or not?

El Gusano said...

cono mi hermano, i'm just sorry i wasn't more prepared . it was way more professional than i thought it would be. it was pretty good till i called and got tongue tied and mixed up the names of 2 dissidents!you did a great job.

Alfredo said...

Professional? what are you talking abouT? You did great! thanks again and stay tuned for the next show and i want your participation and help mi hermano!