05 December 2006

Olive Branches from the Olive Green

During Raul Castro’s coronation this Saturday in Havana, he raised a few eyebrows by seemingly offering an olive branch to the US and by certain things that he failed to say at the end of his speech. He basically offered to negotiate with the US which of course, would require the United States to change its behavior while requiring no concessions or changes from the Communist regime. This passes in the Communist dialectic as “principles of equality (and) reciprocity”. The other curious thing is that his speech did not end with the customary “Patria o Muerte, Venceremos” but with “Viva Cuba Libre”.

The United States, rather than fall to its knees in gratitude for having been given the opportunity to correct its actions, countered that it would be more helpful for the Cuban government to dialogue with its citizens about a transition to a democratic society with respect for human rights and free, multiparty elections.

In keeping with the
US’s Cuban policy, State Department spokesperson, Sean McCormack added that changes in Cuba have to come from Cubans , not with negotiations with the United States or any other government.

At least the Bush Administration seem to be on the same page as it relates to last line in Raul's speech on Saturday. Viva Cuba Libre.

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