17 December 2006

Raul Castro Extends Olive Branch With Middle Finger

Thanks, congressmen Delahunt and Flake. After going to Cuba to kiss the new dictator's butt and being snubbed, you get to go home emptyhanded and continue grandstanding while the Cuban dissidents you wouldn't or couldn't meet with get to stay with a gun to their heads loaded with the ammunition you supplied.

Here's more of the new tyrant's olive branch offering courtesy of his propaganda rag, Granma:

The GAO report provides incontrovertible proof of the systematic revelations by the Cuban government to the effect that the ill-named dissidence is nothing more than a group financed and directed by the U.S. government, real mercenaries, on the payroll and at the service of the historic enemy of the Cuban people: Yankee Imperialism, which today is not concealing its voracious intention of taking over Cuba again

the U.S. government is attempting to improve and continue its financing for internal subversion in our country

maintaining a wide, dirty pipeline for resources of all kinds, but only at the disposition of the mercenaries who make a living from the business of counterrevolution.

nurturing and carefully maintaining its paid parasites, as corrupt and immoral as the imperialism that sustains them.

Cuba will adopt, at any time, the measures it deems necessary for confronting this type of aggression

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