21 December 2006

Snow, Flake in Cuba

Cuban authorities have denied speculation by many, including U.S. intelligence officials, that Fidel Castro is suffering from cancer or some other terminal


``Fidel is irreplaceable, save that we all replace him together, each one in his place'' Granma quoted Raul Castro as telling the closing session of Cuba's University Student Federation annual congress. ``The only substitute for Fidel can be the Communist Party of Cuba.''

Raúl Says.

From Sun-Sentinel
(via Anita Snow)

(Wonder if she ever met Fariñas?...)

(…Snow, Flake hmm..)

(…snow job…)

……… I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas ……..


El Güinero said...

El tipo dijo un montón de cosas mas interesantes. Pásate por mi blog para que veas el tratamiento que le dí.


El Gusano said...

Cono, voy pa'ya. ya habia pasao por ala dos veces

!Ya No Mas! said...

Oye, Gusano como salen los communistas por alli....Be careful don't trust noone with a blog from cuba.

El Gusano said...

i trust noone but mu mom and my dog...and i keep mu mom on a short leash ;)

!Ya No Mas! said...

elguinero.blogspot.com ya tu sabes, who is that guy? a blog from cuba... yea, ok I sell ya that Brooklyn Bridge.

Anonymous said...
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