26 December 2006

It's NOT Cancer

Dr. García Sabrido

Dr. José Luis García Sabrido:

''He hasn't got cancer''

''It is not planned that he will undergo another operation for the moment,''

“His condition is stable. He is recovering from a very serious operation.''

''He wants to return to work everyday,''

Dr Sabrido would not elaborate on the dictator’s condition saying:

"If I did, I would be revealing the patient's pathology”

"and we would be violating medical confidentiality and the Cuban government's media policy.''

Since the Cuba government’s media policy is to lie and propagandize everything, telling the truth would be a violation of their “policy”

A Madrid-based news website called Hechos de Hoy, or Today's Events, said it did some reporting on the surgeon's mission and found that Cuban officials called for help after some sort of unspecified medical crisis involving Castro on Tuesday, Dec. 19.

Interestingly, rumors began circulating in Havana and in Miami on Wednesday the 20th that Castro had had a major setback and they were having problems stabilizing him. This bit of news could be a confirmation of these rumors.
By Wednesday, it said, the crisis had abated, but ''Castro's weakness prompted the Cuban Embassy in Spain to urgently contact'' García Sabrido.

Doctors can be semantically devious at times. Once you have a cancerous growth removed, they can say that you don’t have cancer, especially if they examine you and find no other growths.

So since by his own admission , Garcia Sabrido doesn’t want to “violate the Cuban government's media policy.” , one can surmise that he has been told what to say and not say. Saying he doesn’t have cancer, in communist speak, is not the same as saying that he didn’t have cancer 5 months ago.

Other rumors flying around are that Castro is indeed in need of another operation, but given his condition and age, it cannot be performed until they improve his condition sufficiently. This rumor is not far fetched since they flew in equipment and medications not available in Cuba. The fact that the regime sought help, suggest that they feared that another surgical procedure would kill the patient so they brought an expert and equipment in to confirm the diagnosis and prescribe and institute a course of action to allow Castro to recuperate enough to withstand another surgical procedure.


Jose Aguirre said...

I don't believe anything that doctor says! The Cuban security apparatus probably have old videos of him in compromising positions like they do of so many other past visitors!

I just bought a new bottle of Champagne this weekend and I can't wait to open it real soon!!!

El Gusano said...

hahaha. his own words reveal he is compromised and that his part of the disinformation. I bought a bottle of the new Havana Club, myself, BTW.Thanks for stopping by , Jose.

!Ya No Mas! said...

Dr. José Luis García Sabrido another Communist Bastard.."EL MENTIROSO SABRIDO"How much did that Cuban Regime pay you to fucking lie..Bottom line Fuckin Fidel is fuckin dying...Fuck Sabrido..

El Gusano said...

well, aguirre makes a good point. he may compromised. he's obviously a leftists. a spaniard that studied under im Spain left a long comment on his politics. KillCastro also has a good theory regarding the Doc and Mirta Diaz-Ballart. It seems they run in the same circles in Spain.Maybe that's why she's been over there so long to arrange for care for the bastard.
btw, you had kickass videos from spain on your blog today.

Enrique said...

This is the Spaniard Vet that went to Cuba to treat the Oriental Pig.. el pig de biran ...