11 December 2006

Monday Morning Cuba-Backing

Hay! sorry for that stomach churning pun...tremendo pujo!

It was an interesting week for Cuban Dissidents who saw one of their own released (Héctor Palacios) ,

and another jailed (Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia), a 21 yr old Independent Journalist).

According to “El Nuevo Herald” Cuba ended the year with 339 political prisoners. I have joined Ziva’s campaign to free the 330 . (see the 330 Icon on the sidebar).

The Ladies in White continue to put pressure on the tyranny to release their relatives and all prisoners of conscience . The MSM is beginning to pay attention to their plight. El Nuevo Herald reports that the Ladies are petitioning the Red Cross to visit their sick relatives. Even The Washington Post is reporting from the AP that the Ladies in White lead by dissident Darsi Ferrer were the victims of an “act of repudiation” from “government supporters.” They don’t mention that in authoritarian societies no sort of citizen displays of any kind happen without the support of the government, but it’s the first report of an “act of repudiation” I have ever seen in the MSM. Vanessa Arrington of the AP continues to try to shed some light on the Cuban plight. Bless her.
Putting a different twist on Raul’s ascension to the seat of power El Nuevo Herald reports that the Arco Progresista, a moderate opposition organization lead by Manuel Cuesta Morúa, have called for Cuba’s national assembly to do their duty under Cuban law, such as it is, and transfer power to the rightful person under Cuba’s constitution. The assembly’s next meeting is Dec. 22.


Anonymous said...

you wanna free 330 and there's 339. What about the other 9?

El Gusano said...

Annonymous: since Cuba is a totalitarian country, noone is really sure how many political prisoners they have in their gulags. If you follow the link to the 330, you will find a link, documented by prisoner. We insist ALL political prisoners be released. Thanks for stopping by!